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First I need to Introduce myself: I am Jake Jaccard, Web Yeoman of the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial and am also the new Web Tech Yeoman of this Website. Our Shipmate Mike Verville will assume the duties of Web Tender soon. I am the Web Tech YN who created this New Association Website and hope you like the new look! :). I will remain so until further notice.

We (Admin Department) encourage you to register an account with this Board so you can interact with other posts on the Message Board. Like Facebook, you must register a Username and a password here, to participate. The Good thing about it is that it's FREE!, so come on REGISTER. To Register just click on the REGISTER link upper Right.

Returning to the Main Section of the Web Site: to Return to the Web Site Home Page, click that Link that's just below the MEMBERS Button above just under the picture Banner. ^

THIS IS IMPORTANT MESSAGE… We need you to 1) Join the Association and second, with regards to this Board, know that you can’t Post in this Board without Registering an Account: Relax! It’s free! Try to use your Real name as your User Name, so your Shipmates know who you are. You can fill in your Public profile at that time.

IN YOUR PROFILE: Be sure to give your Rank/Rate, years aboard so our Membership Chairman can place you in your particular group of members and also to personally invite you to become a Member of our Association. This is important because our membership is beginning to decline and we need more members to step up to the Brow and come aboard!

I would like to Welcome you to the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Association Message Board.
You who used the Quarterdeck Log and/or Scuttlebutt, will find this Message Board a fresh new experience, and you can continue with THREADED messages, too like you did in the old Scuttlebutt area, which was popular with some of us.

Second thing to remember is: YOU MUST PUT A SUBJECT or TITLE in that field of every message or it won't save it!!

Now for the Subject of this Post: The Button Links up above... What they are...

HOME: Self-Explanatory: Takes you to the Front End of this Message Board...
FAQ: Mostly used on the INTERNET, this stands for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Click that Button and you will learn how to maneuver around in this Message Board.

SEARCH: Another Given… however it’s important to know that the Search Feature on this Board will search through all the posts, so if you remember something you want to see again, but can’t remember where you saw it, but you do remember a few words of the text, you can input those words in the Search Box and you should find the message if it still is on the Board. Often messages are not kept for indefinite amounts of time. We do Field Days on this Board just as we use to do in our Compartment Spaces aboard the Hannah.

MEMBERS: If you want to see who has joined this Board, you can click that Button.

PROFILE: Be sure to place your Profile on this Board so our Shipmates can get to know you. Also be sure to place an AVATAR in your profile. An Avatar is a small image (about 100x100 pixels in size. You can upload these to your profile in that section. If you don’t have a profile, you can either select from the supplied Avatars in this Message Board, or you can have someone make one for you. If you have a nice picture of yourself but don’t know how to make the avatar, attach it to an Email to me and I’ll make it for you and return ASAP.

PM or NO PM: PM stands for Private or Personal Message. That’s like Email but only used within the Message Board between it’s members.
When you see NO PM, that means no one has messaged you. PM means there’s Message waiting for you.

MCP: If you see this Button, it is for Moderators of each Section of the Board. Moderators are like the Shore Patrol – they kept us honest (most times)… if not we get to meet up with the Sergeant Major in the Brig, who you don’t want to meet up with again. Ours is Sgt/Maj Bulldog Gruff…. he likes to chew on Tails...


TOSS: TOSS means Terms of Service: The TOSS of this Board (or any other area of the Website) is: Don't be unkind, Don't use bad language; Don't Spam anyone, and lastly, Don't be Obnoxious. The Brig isn't a nice place and you don't want to go meet Sgt/Maj Gruff! :lol:

Enjoy your time aboard this Message Board and Website!!!
Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR (Ret) ’61-‘67

'Where we Go One, We Go All'

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