LCDR D. Garvey's "Hannah" Log
"Hannah" - A Tribute to the Uss Hancock CVA-19 by LCDR D. Garvey, AIMD
This Poem was provided by the Late NCCM(S) Courtland "Corky" Johnson 2002 -
Jake Jaccard maintains the (c) Copyright for LCDR D. Garvey - Write
Jake if you are the author

LCDR D. Garvey's 'Hannah' Log

LCDR D. Garvey's 'Hannah' Log
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March 22, 2018 - 02:02 AM
Rick Rogers, Qm3 1969-72

  I am certain I stood QM-OOD watch with you either on the bridge or on the quarterdeck or just know you from your reputation on board ship in AIMD div. Want to thank you for making Hannah life a little more bearable and of course your poem. I do remember most of my OOD's in port and out at sea. Wish you well and thank you
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March 31, 2017 - 07:23 PM
Jake, Web Tender

  I have been looking for LCDR D. Garvey now for over 10 years, if anyone out there knows him or his whereabouts, whether he is alive of dead, I would appreciate your reply to the main Site Email Center.

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