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Launching of the USS Hancock (CV-19)596 viewsUSS Hancock (CV-19) being launched January 25, 1944 at Bethlehem Steel Company, Fore River, Quincy, Massachusetts.
Sep 26, 2012
Hell cat coming in on approach819 viewsSep 26, 2012
USS Franklin (CV-13) Severely damaged841 viewsListing after severely being severely damaged and set afire and listing after she was hit by a Japanese air attack while operating off the coast of Japan, 19 March 1945. Photographed from USS Santa Fe (CL-60), which was alongside assisting with firefighting and rescue work. Read about it on our WWII History Page.Sep 26, 2012
More of the USS Franklin Disaster385 viewsSep 26, 2012
More of the USS Franklin Disaster469 viewsSep 26, 2012
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