Things you Should Know before Posting
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Why is Registration required? Because once you register, all posts are easy to do, and don't require authenticating. So Please Register. It also is a way for others to get to know you!

When Registering , PLEASE use the name your shipmates may remember as your USER NAME. This is essential to the purpose of this Forum. If you had a call-sign or nickname during your time aboard, and wish to use it instead of your *real* name, please do that.

Also, if you are new to this Forum, once you register, you must authenticate your email address before you can post. You go to the Email you have and follow what was sent you.

You should then write me (Jake) to let me know you registered, because the program doesn't send me notices. Write to:

Jake the Web Tender.

#1 Thing to know is that you should select the Forum you wish to post in before you post, otherwise, your post will go into the General Area.

#2 You can Register so you have a Profile as your shipmates might like to learn more about you. This currently is Optional because the Forum is an Open Forum and Registrations are not required.

This is important to know when you get our Registration Verification in your Email. If the link takes you to the Forum, but you have no Return Link at the top of the Forum Page, then click on "Website Home Page" and click on the Link in that Notice.

#3 The Forum will continue being an OPEN Forum until Spammers begin to cause havoc in the Forums. If that should take place, we'll be foreced to change the Security to Private Registrations Only.

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