Looking for a Shipmate, Michael Gusman (Quarterdeck Log)

by assnwebtech ⌂ @, Winchester TN, Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 23:46 (814 days ago)

Placed by Jake Jaccard, Web Tender
Attention Hancock Shipmates! This is a "Lost 'n Found" Request
Please read the following Request from Ms Katy Gowans:

From: Katy Gowans (Kgowans87@gmail.com);
I need some help from your Crew members, please read this Request:

"Good afternoon.
I found some old love letters in the attic of the house I just bought and they belong to a Michael Gusman from 1975 who was aboard the USS Hancock. Is there anyway to get in touch with him so I can return them to their owner. I figured that they would want something like these, that were so meaningful.
Thank you,
Katy Gowans

"Where we go one - we go all"

Michael Gusman, 1975

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