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A popular WWII Picture of the 'Fighting Hannah'254 viewsThe USS Hancock shows her WWII Camouflage "Measure 32/14D" - I bet our WWII Shipmates forgot what they called it?
A 'Clear' photo of the Hangar Bay 374 viewsSuch as Photo of this conjures up memories of long chow lines, busy with plane activity, etc., for any Carrier Sailor.
Hancock with Loaded Deck276 viewsThis Photo was taken either when coming into Theater or leaving after war's end? Any ideas? Write and let us know.
The USS Hancock taking on supplies and Fuel242 viewsThis is a rare photo taken of the Hancock during an 'at-sea underway replenishment’ also known as an 'unrep' by sailors - This evolution took place sometime and somewhere during WWII.
Naval Aviation Magazine feature Photograph224 viewsThe cover of "Naval Aviation" magazine featured damage done to the Hancock's flight deck 15 October 1945
Another popular WWII Picture of the 'Fighting Hannah'170 viewsThis Photo was taken from the Hancock History Book which was given shipmates after the War. It is one of the most famous and revered images of our Ship by WWII shipmates.
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