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Last additions - 1953-1963 - Refitting, Training & Recommissioning
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This picture was taken while Jake was on ORI for WestPac 1963278 viewsThe Hancock was on ORI and CarQuals in the waters around HawaiiMay 06, 2014
This was one of the final pictures of the Hancock317 viewsThe Ship was towed to Terminal Island in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, where she was broken up and sold for scrap. A Sad end to a Hostorical Ship as was the Hancock!May 06, 2014
In 1963, the Hancock was setting out on another WestPac332 viewsThe Web Tender was aboard ship at that time.May 06, 2014
The Final Picture I took of the Hancock - Jake309 viewsI left ship in March of 1964, and turned to take this final picture of the Home I called Hannah. It was with mixed emotions. I will never forget that ship and the feelings that flooded my mind at that time. I was glad to go home, but I had wet eyes, turned, and walked out to the Front Gate.May 06, 2014
Turning to in Hawaiian Waters in 1963345 viewsMay 06, 2014
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